23rd March

An angel came, tall and slim with blonde curly hair to his shoulders and smiling with a leaflet in his hand and said, “See I bring you good news” it had writing of our Lord on it.

Then he smiled and started singing, “Praise the Lord, people. Praise Him and thank Him for not sending the wild storm and be glad. Praise Him and give Him thanks every day.” The angel smiled and said, “The people are angry with you because the storm didn’t come. Our Lord sends me to give you this message.”

Together we were singing and praising the Lord and again the angel said, “Sing to the Lord, people, for His great Love, Goodness and Mercy.” I was caught up in this praise. Finally, he said, “Read in the Scriptures, Daniel 3, 51-90.”

I replied, “Thank you Lord Jesus for Your great love.”