24 April 2022

Divine Mercy Sunday

The devil behind the Holy Cross


This morning I saw our Lord Jesus on the Holy Cross Crucified. I saw how the devil, this horrible black creature, was always behind Him; behind the Holy Cross. He was always behind there sneaking and going around and waiting to see if our Lord would give up His suffering.


But He didn’t. Our Lord resisted until last, until He took His dying breath. Then the devil disappeared for he had no more power.


The whole time he was sneaking and waiting. He was not afraid. How sneaky of him!


In the same way, that is how the devil is sneaky around people. He will make you find any little excuse to interrupt you and to make you sin. What a horrible creature.


I made the Sign of the Cross, many times, so that the devil would vanish.


In another vision previously, the angel also showed me how the devil was waiting, but then when our Lord took His last breath, finally He expired and died, the devil screamed and howled, and was angry because he had lost.