25 December 2023

Midnight Mass – A Very Hopeful Message

On Christmas night, at the Midnight Mass, after the distribution of Holy Communion, while the Bishop and priests were still sitting down, and just before the Final Blessing, our Lord Jesus appeared all grown up. He wore a beautiful burgundy red tunic, representing His Royalty. Tonight, He was looking so beautiful and majestic and very happy.

Each Christmas, our Lord comes as a Newborn Baby, but this year, He comes as an adult, representing His strength, His majesty and His divinity.

As I was still kneeling after receiving Holy Communion, He said, “Don’t stand up. Remain on your knees.”

I said, “Lord, I thank You for this Christmas, which we still celebrate. It is beautiful, and may the peace descend all over the world.”

He said, “Yes, some parts are peaceful, but in other parts, there is still killing going on. As usual!”

“Before I say anything else to you, treasure these special moments that I Am going to reveal to you and tell you. They are very precious—treasure them and cherish them!”

Our Lord was very happy when He said, “Now I Am going to give you really joyful news.”

“But first, I want to tell you, next year, it will be very tough, so you have to be strong and pray. The year after will be even tougher. But the third year will be a New Era of Peace that you will enter into it.”

“And guess what! You and Me, like a bride and groom, hand in hand, we will walk into the New Era.”

Surprised, I said, “Lord, me?”

“We are in this plan of change, and you are in it,” He said.

“It is a New Era of Peace, such as has never been before on earth. Never! It will be so peaceful, so beautiful that you will be so joyful—you will be ecstatic. It will be such a beautiful joy. I will create all new—a new peace, a new era. I will come to renew all the earth, and it will be a new spring, a new creation that I Am preparing, and I have already shown you before, and I have already revealed to you what is coming, and it’s here.”

“The Evil will be defeated. It will be so beautiful.”

“Wow,” I said. “Lord, I wish that we could walk into it now and forget about what is coming.”

Lord Jesus smiled and said, “What is prophesied has to come to fulfilment.”

“My Second Coming will not be as I came to earth as a little Baby, to be born again. I Am coming as a King to rule the world and to renew the world; that will be for My people, for whoever will enter into My New Era.”

“So now, you have to pray a lot and tell people this. Tell them they have to pray and be very strong to go through all of what is coming.”

“That is the good news that I give you.”

He said, “As the time comes closer, I will inform you in preparation to warn others.”

Lord Jesus is full of surprises. He waited till the last minute to give me a message of hope, something beautiful.

When our Lord told me to treasure these special moments, it was afterwards that I understood what He meant by this.

Wow!’ I thought, ‘They are indeed precious moments.’

I understood that I am part of these changes because I do and offer Him whatever He asks of me. He wants me to be a witness to them. Not only the suffering I have on earth, but He wants me to witness the joy of His Creation and the wonders of His Creation that have never been before.

He wants us to be courageous and have faith because He will not abandon us. People have had enough of this suffering. Our Lord knows because people cry out to Him. That is why in a very short time there will be such beautiful changes and rewards planned for the world.

Lord, we praise You, and love You, and thank You for revealing such a beautiful message of hope.