25 September 2022

Our Lord Never Approved for Women to be around the Altar

Today, during Holy Mass, just before the distribution of Holy Communion, while a young woman was going to the Tabernacle to bring the Ciborium to the Altar, our Lord said, “Look at that. A woman sent to open My Most Sacred Place and to bring My Holy Body to the Altar to be distributed.”

“I never approved of women coming around My Altar, and I never will! I choose My Disciples, and that will remain forever. Now, women are pushing to come to My Altar and to serve Me. My anger is great to watch all of this. Pray for them, for when the time comes, when I will judge, I will judge severely. Pray that I might still be merciful to them for all this wrongdoing, forcing themselves to My Altar.”

Our Lord was looking at me, and then He said very sternly, “Valentina, My child, don’t you ever do that to Me because you would offend Me greatly, to the point that you would lose even your life; this is in eternity.”

Then our Lord asked me to make reparation for these offences. I made reparation immediately after Holy Communion, just as our Lord requested. Then, He again asked me to make reparation after the Holy Mass in front of the Holy Tabernacle, which I did so.

We try to please people here on earth and put them in a higher position in the church. But do they even ask, ‘Do we please our Lord by doing this?’ No, God wants women to remain humble and not be around the Altar.

Many times our Lord said to me, “I do not want women around My Sacred Table to serve Me.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.