25th DECEMBER, 2005


During Mass in St Margaret Mary’s Church, Merrylands. Our Lord Jesus appeared to me and said, “Valentina, My child, tell people that I came to you and I want to be born again. I was born once and I died once. I want to do it all over again, but I cannot do this any more.”

“I will come to you in My second coming, in the Spirit. This will transform you so strongly, you will not be able to refuse Me. Then people finally will come to recognise Me and love Me. This is the way it should have been the first time, but people grew weary and cold towards Me. They shut their hearts to Me but open their hearts to worldly things. They keep denying Me more and more, their true God, Who is Life and Love.”

“Now more than ever, you need Me. So I can save you from all your sinful and corrupt activities which you accumulate into a dirty, black mud into which you slowly all sink.”

“St John the Baptist was calling in the wilderness for My coming and preparing the way for all to be converted from all sinfulness that they have committed. He was baptising them with water but I will not baptise with water. I shall send a fire that will purify you and cleanse you from all evil which is in you all.”

“This Christmas I want you to prepare well your souls and be ready because you never know when I will send this great fire, and it will come suddenly. Go to reconciliation often and be in a state of grace. Then you will have nothing to fear.”

Lord have mercy on us, and grant us the grace to understand.