25TH OCTOBER, 2011

I accompanied an Angel to meet the Holy souls.

When we arrived some souls came to meet us. They were clothed in a
light ivory colour, which is lighter than the lower souls.

They said, “We thank you, Valentina, for helping us.”

They came very close and said quietly, “We have some secrets which are
revealed to us, and we want to share them with you. Right now, what is
upon you on earth, the nature itself is fighting against you, humanity,
because the sin is so great.”

“Sin consists of:

The great materialism,

Killing one another,

Immorality and shamelessness,

Disobeying God’s law.”

“You people have no idea how you will all suffer with all these disasters,
such as you never experienced before. These will all come suddenly and
unexpectedly. Earthquakes, heat and fires, mudslides, hurricanes,

“People don’t pray enough. They take everything for granted and ignore
the prophecies and warnings from God. That which is foretold in all the
prophecies are now happening all over the world.”

I was very surprised to hear that even nature is fighting against us. Our
Blessed Mother has also told me that we will suffer great changes in the