26 JULY, 2013

In the morning the angel appeared to me and said to me, “I will show you how our
Lord is offended in this church (Parramatta). You see on Sundays during Mass when
the church is almost full and even through the week, when it is time to receive our
Lord in Holy Communion. Most of the people receive Him so superficially without
confession or repentance in their hearts, and they still come to receive Him.”

The Angel said to me, “Come with me and I will show you how people receive Jesus
in Holy Communion.”

We then went into the Chapel. The walls of the Chapel were completely covered from
floor to ceiling in credit cards. I could not see the windows as they were also covered
in credit cards. The Angel said to me, “These credit cards represent how people
receive Holy Communion.” The cards were all different colours.

In my mind I was thinking what is this, is it going to be a shop. I know the cards
represent the buying of goods instantly and without much thought. This is how many
people receive our Lord Jesus in Holy Communion.

The Angel showed me how God is sacrileged not only in this church but many
churches. People go to Holy Communion out of habit. When they see others go, they
follow one another without examining their consciences.

The Angel then said to me standing in front of the Tabernacle, “Throw yourself on
your knees and beg God for mercy for all the sacrileges committed against Jesus
during Holy Communion, for all the Pains that He bears. So severely He is saddened
by this.”

The Angel said, “You must tell Priests that they should speak about this to people
during the Homily.”

For the explanation of the credit cards is, we purchase goods on credit knowing full well we have to eventually pay for our goods as it is with Holy Communion we receive, but one day we will have to make an account of that sacrilege and have to pay our debt (offence ) to God.