26th FEBRUARY, 2012

Today I experienced many Holy Souls in Purgatory.

The angel guided me through many different areas. Suddenly, there was a group of school children progressing in a procession coming towards the angel and me, dressed in uniform. I asked the angel, “Who are these children? What have they done?”

He answered, “Their behaviour! They were disobedient to parents and teachers. This is why they approach you for they know you will pray for them and help them.” They passed by and when we turned, there were more souls everywhere.

There was one man that approached me, while he was running up and down in front of a lake, he seemed very restless. He asked, “Where is Gerard? Do you know Gerard?”

I answered, “No, I don’t know Gerard”

He said, “He is supposed to be here already.”

I responded, “How do you know?”

The man said, “They said that he is supposed to drown while swimming.”

This soul appeared very happy and excited for the other soul to arrive soon, “Please help us and pray for us” he said sadly, as he waited in front of the lake for ‘Gerard’ to arrive.

God gives graces to the holy souls in purgatory, some more some less. The angels tell the Holy Souls of their relatives and friends who will be arriving into Purgatory soon, could be weeks or months and how these people will die. The Holy Souls in purgatory eagerly await their relatives and friends to welcome them.