27 December 2020

Sunday 27 December 2020

Pray for the Families

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta


After the Mass, I went to pray a decade of the Holy Rosary. I went to the little Chapel of our Lady of Grace. Blessed Mother appeared looking very sad. She was dressed all in white.


I said, “Blessed Mother, you should be very happy. Today is the Feast of the Holy Family.”


She said, “Tell my children how sad I am. So many families in the world are no longer together as a family, that is why I am so upset. They are torn apart because they have forgotten to pray and forgotten to have God in the centre of their lives. They live in sin and no longer live as a Sacred Family.”


She said, “So much sin is in the world, and how much I suffer to see all of this. The devil is really dividing families in the world; dividing the children within the families.”


“Pray and encourage My children to pray to bring their families back together, and to come back to God, to the True Faith.”