27 February 2024

The Suffering Children of Gaza

All through the night, I could hear children crying very loudly. At first, I thought it must be holy souls. I tried to pray, offering them to our Lord Jesus, asking Him to be merciful to these children.

All of a sudden, Blessed Mary Most Holy came. She said, “Valentina, my daughter, I come to reveal these crying children and where the crying comes from. These children are still living—they are not deceased. That cry comes directly from the Middle East, from Gaza. These children are starving and hungry—they have nothing to eat. They are malnourished and starving to death. How that pains my Son and me. Their cries come directly to Heaven.”

“How evil is the leader that permits such a horrific punishment on the children and all the people. They suffer so much already in this horrible war—that is already too much suffering on my children. Pray, pray that this will soon end and that my Son Jesus will touch the heart of the evil leader to have compassion and to soften his frozen and cold heart.”

Our Blessed Mother was crying when she was giving me this message.

Lord, have mercy on the starving children.