27 January 2023

You are still in My Training School says Blessed Mother

When we started to pray the Cenacle Rosary, Blessed Mother appeared. She was dressed in a beautiful white tunic with a blue mantle covering her.

Smiling, she said, “I wait with joy when you gather together at this moment. When you come here, it is like I guide you. You are still in my training school, in which I train you, and I guide you and tell you that there is so much to be prayed for in the world; there is war, there is misery, there is hunger.”

“But since you, my children, remain faithful to this group, today you receive special recognition from Me. My children, you will not be recognised by the world, it will not be in the newspapers, and you will not be rewarded by the world.”

“This special recognition will be entirely from Heaven, which is the most important, because the world does not understand. You should all be very happy. Remain faithful to the Rosary group and encourage one another, and encourage other children to come and join you, and explain to them how powerful the Rosary is against the evil, of which there is so much now in the world.

She smiled, and she blessed us.

In a vision, Blessed Mother showed me a certificate on white paper with writing on it.

I said, “Thank you, Blessed Mother, for loving us and being present with us and for guiding us, for we are like children in your school.”