27 July 2023

Our Lord reveals the Power of Prayer

When I was praying this morning, the angel came and said, “Valentina, I am the angel of the Lord. He sends me to you to reveal to you good news.”

All of a sudden, the angel and I found ourselves walking up the main steps of the St Patrick’s Cathedral leading to the Chapel. We both climbed the steps, walked through the main doors, and stepped into the Chapel.

As we came inside, I noticed some priests and a bishop sitting in the pew, and all were facing the Tabernacle. The angel smiled, pointed his hand towards them, and said, “This is the new Bishop who will soon come to this Church. He will be very kind and friendly and a good-hearted person. He will associate with people much more. Our Lord Jesus chose this Bishop himself.”

While talking to the other priests, the Bishop slightly turned his head, and I could see his happy and smiling face.

Then the angel asked me, “Valentina, are you happy to hear this good news?”

“Oh yes! I am more than happy to hear this good news,” I answered.

Then the angel smiled joyfully and said, “But I have other good news to tell you.”

“Do you know that all of these graces are coming to this Church because of the Cenacle Prayer Group here? This Cenacle Prayer Group is very powerful,” said the angel.

“Our Lord Jesus gives many graces through this group of people who come and pray very devoutly, and He blesses them in a very special way.”

The angel smiled again and said, “You should all be very proud and happy.”

I said, “This is all very beautiful news, and we all appreciate it, and we all thank our Lord Jesus for being so kind and merciful to this Church.”

In a vision, I could see a mature person dressed in a very beautiful white vestment. Over his shoulders, he wore a very short cape and had a mitre on his head. A few priests surrounded him, but they didn’t look familiar to me.

A while back, during Holy Mass, our Lord was smiling when He said, “Continue to pray because something beautiful will happen to this church very soon.” So I believe this is connected to this message about the new Bishop.

Later in the morning, during the Holy Mass, I thanked the Lord for the graces He has given us. Almost immediately, our Lord Jesus appeared and smiled.

He said, “Valentina, My child, do you know that one day, this Church will be very holy? All that I reveal to you, it is through your coming here, and that you obey Me and you offer to Me whatever I ask of you to offer Me.”

He was very happy and smiling when He said, “Would you like to hear another good news?”

“The most number of Holy Souls, that you offer Me by the thousands and thousands, come to Me from this church—from no other church in the world.”

Then Lord Jesus knowing that I don’t always feel well, said, “I know that you do not always feel good to come (to Church) because I give you a lot of suffering. It is because of that, it will make this Church so holy and special.”

“It is a special bond between Me and you, and in that way, I give you special graces and strength to help Me to save souls.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for all the graces and blessings You give to save many souls.