28 April 2023

Soon My Immaculate Heart will Triumph

Today, during the Cenacle Rosary Prayers, Blessed Mother appeared and was smiling. She said, “It is so good, my children, to see you in a large number today. That way, you show us, me and my Son, how much you love us. You unite your prayer for the world. Now the world is very sinful and corrupted. Don’t be sad for the things you hear and experience daily. Trust my Son and me, for my Immaculate Heart will triumph soon, and Jesus will soon reign on earth. You have no idea how beautiful and peaceful that will be. It will be like paradise on earth again. Have trust and hope in my Son always.”

Mother Mary Most Holy, and our Lord Jesus always telling us to have hope and trust in them, and they are never far away from us. They are always helping us.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, and Beautiful Mother Mary Most Holy.