28 April 2024

God the Father Sends Lightning Strikes to the World

During Holy Mass today, after receiving Holy Communion, our Lord Jesus appeared. He showed me how He manifests during the Holy Mass. At first, I could see Him elevated above the priest, and then He moved around the Church. He was all in white and so luminous.

Our Lord shows us that He is truly present during Holy Mass, especially after the Consecration.

After receiving Him in Holy Communion, He said, “Remain on your knees because you are still very strongly in My presence.”

Afterwards, our Lord withdrew backwards, and God the Father appeared from the waist up and came forward, all illuminated.

He said, “My daughter Valentina, I come to lament to you how My Son Jesus is offended in every Eucharist in this Church and in every Church. People come to receive Him without repentance and confession. They receive Him by following what everyone else does, without remorse for their sins. They sacrilege My Son so much, but I tell you, My children, the world is so sinful I cannot look any longer on this humanity–so disobedient. I will send lightning after lightning to the world and I Am already doing so, to strike the world and to punish itThere is no way out until people wake up and know that I Am above them and I Am God the Father, and I have the right to chastise my disobedient children.”

In a vision, I could see God the Father holding His arms outstretched and a multitude of lightning bolts coming from Him, striking the earth.

O Lord, please be merciful to this disobedient humanity.