28th March, 2011

While praying the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary in church, our Lord Jesus spoke.

“Console Me, My child, this moment during My Passion. Offer Me everyone you can think of.” “Pray for sinners and non believers.” “Ask Me to have mercy on everyone.” “I give you the grace to do this.” “They crucified Me 2000 years ago. My crucifixion repeats over and over again.”

“Even in the churches today I am crucified by so many who offend Me.
My mercy extends and I wait patiently for sinners to change, but so few respond to My call.”

“I want to warn people of this world.” “So many events will happen in the world this year, even in this country of Australia and many other places.” “Tell people they must wake up to see God is so much offended. They
must change and repent.” All souls, while you still can, beg for mercy. Who can be saved but
through the merciful Heart of God who loves us so much.