28th October

Our Lord Jesus appeared as I was praying this morning to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
He said, “Fear not, my daughter, to tell people in general of My broken Heart that grieves for the world and offends Me greatly. The world is in darkness of sin and greed. The rich and powerful makes their paradise here on earth, while the poor are victims and they can hardly survive. Many die because there is no compassion and kindness to help the needy. Just look at this war in Iraq. Daily, they are killing innocent people. The innocent are suffering and I tell you, there will be no settlement peacefully for not enough people pray for peace.

Here in this country you all live peacefully. Thank God for it, for you don’t know from one day to another what can happen to you all. Don’t store riches on earth, but help others in need and your reward will be great in Heaven. That is where your riches are, with Me. Console My broken Heart, full of love and pity for all of you. My mercy is immeasurably big but so is My Justice. I keep coming to you all through prophets and beg you to change your way of life.

Each country that hears and lives My Holy Word according to My commandments will be spared from catastrophes and My blessing will be poured abundantly. Woe to those who refuse, they shall experience My just hand, which is still My mercy and love to bring you on the right road that leads to Me, the Eternal Truth, Love and Mercy, from age to age, through one God and Father of all creatures. Amen.”

I replied, “Have Mercy, my Father, on all humanity.”