28th September 2008

The Angel came to me when I prayed. He said, “Come with me, I will show you what will happen soon.”

The vision was so real. I saw a row of high rise buildings, very near a beach. The water was coming up, close to the buildings and gradually rising and touching the units. The Angel explained to me, this city and others everywhere have strong protection like fortresses, built like a fence from God to protect them, now the gates have been lifted up and the seawater will rise and hit directly these places very soon. In these places people sin and offend God too much.”

I said, “is there any way to warn the people to do something before it is too late?”

The Angel said, “You can tell people to pray, but not many will listen”.

The vision was very scary. I could see the water rise in these parts like dark streams. The people were inside eating and drinking and talking, unaware of what was happening.

“This place seemed familiar to me, ” I said to the Angel, “but I have never been there. Maybe I saw it on television”. The Angel smiled and said “Let it be God’s will, not yours. You can’t stop it”.