29 April 2015

An Angel takes me to visit souls from the town of Camden, near Sydney.
The angel took me to a place which appeared to be way deep and muddy, in a valley full of old ruins. It was a very depressing place.
The angel said, “Now, I am showing you all of these people and you must help them, to bring them to the Light.”
I said to the Angel, “Who are these people? I have never been to this place before. What is the name of this place?”
He replied, “This place is called Camden. I have brought you here so that you can help these people. They once lived here.”
He showed me many souls, and among a group that I met was a man and a woman. They had something in the shape of a triangle which they were showing me. Inside the triangular shape was a medal. As I looked closer, I could see the image of Saint Padre Pio on the medal. The medal was attached to them.
They said to me, “We were devoted to him while we were alive, but now, we cannot ask for his help any longer.”
I said to them, “I know Saint Padre Pio. We are friends. I visited him spiritually. And He gave me many messages. He also visited me.”
The two souls had a very sad expression.
I asked Saint Padre Pio, “Please intercede for this couple, that were devoted to you, and who were showing me your image on their medal.”
I also offered them to our Lord Jesus during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.