29th APRIL, 2005

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta. After receiving Holy Communion, I was kneeling, praying thanksgiving, when Father stood with the Deacon beside him to give the final blessing. As he raised his hand a vision appeared to me. (I gasped in wonder and almost cried out).

The Holy Spirit appeared in a colour of russet, amber and gold in the form of a dove. A light issued in rays, coloured in hues like an opal, shooting beams of vivid light over the congregation. The Holy Spirit slowly moved above the Priest and Deacon from right to left, spreading His rays over all and moved slowly back above the Priest again.

As the Priest and Deacon bowed before the tabernacle the vision slowly faded and disappeared as they left. Thankyou, Lord, for this manifestation of Your Holy Spirit You have given to us.