29th May


In the morning, while praying, Our Lord appeared in a beautiful heavenly garden, the flowers up to His waist. He bend down and gathered up six tiny, fluffy rabbits, three yellow and three white and placed them in a basket with flowers. Then He spoke, “See, this concludes the Easter season.”

In the next vision, there appeared a seashore with children and older people. A minute after came a young person. He smiled at me and said, “Today you have a grace that you will experience and see the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus going to Heaven the way, we did. I am the Apostle John.”

In a vision, I saw the Blessed Mother with the holy women and the Apostles and many other men, women and children. Not far from them stood Jesus, dressed in a white robe with a red mantle. They listened to what He had to say, then He blessed them and in front of their eyes. He started to rise, transfigured in a brilliant light. He was surrounded by joyful Angels who were singing His praises. He stepped onto a brilliant white set of steps, and as He went up, the Angels scattered flowers before His Holy feet. I saw three white doves, swooping over and around Him, over and over again. He was so Joyous and smiled at them all as He ascended. Finally, He was obscured from my sight by a bright Heavenly light.

I said, “Thankyou, Lord, for this heavenly grace that you have given me. I will try to explain to people this beautiful vision.”