29th November, 2006

Lord Jesus and His Holy Mother appeared to me today.
Holy Mary spoke, “See how the weather is extreme and changes so quickly, from very hot with a wild wind to very cold. My children, this is a serious sign which is given to you in this country but you all keep ignoring it.”
Then our Lord spoke, “You are experiencing a very bad drought. I would permit you to have some rain, because I am compassionate and merciful but My Father will not permit it over this land. People are committing a terrible sin which offends God. Tell people to change and pray. Maybe then God will listen and be merciful to you. Humanity is sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss of sin.’

“In the past this land of Australia offended God very much but they never repented or asked for forgiveness.”

Lord, have mercy on us and on this land of Australia.