29th November 2007

Our Lord Jesus said today, “Be at peace, my children be not too stressful and distracted by worldly goods and materialism. That will only take you away from me.”

“As you approach Advent and Christmas, prepare well for my coming. I come every year to you all when you celebrate the most happy event of Me.” He smiled and said, “Emmanuel, God of joy and peace among His people, how much I love you.”

“My children, nothing is more pleasing to Me than a pure and humble heart to be near Me. Go round My cradle and adore Me like a little baby but King of Kings. Go to confession often. Adjust your way of life and forgive one another. How much I will then Bless you. Don’t be afraid, I am a loving and merciful God. I will help you when you ask Me, I am always waiting and ready to help you. Don’t worry so much about what you will buy to eat or wear and how you will look, wondering what others will think of you.” Rather, think of your soul and nourish it with My spiritual words. Let them penetrate deep into your soul. It will benefit you so much after life when we meet face to face because you don’t know the day or the hour when I will call you. Most people are not prepared and ready. They have nothing to offer Me. They are dry as leaf when it falls from the tree and crumbles.”

“Valentina, My child, speak to people of Me and My Kingdom. Don’t give up easily. Repeat to them over and over again. I Myself never give up. I keep coming back and I beg like a beggar til the person accepts Me, then My grace is given to a thirsty soul to nourish and to give life. We are one. We both work for the same thing, to save souls.”

“You will rest one day and receive My reward at the last Alter in Heaven.” Our Lord moved His arm in an arc, and then said “My child, you will rest in peace and that will be the most happy reunion, for all eternity, but for now, you will still have to do your part that I have designed for you.”

“Go in peace, My child, be not afraid, I am always with you.”

Thank you, sweet Jesus. I love you, have mercy on us.

I felt very emotional when our Lord spoke so tenderly towards me and I could see how much He wants us all with Him in Heaven. How He suffers to see many souls to go astray and even lost.