29th October 2012

During Mass, I offered America and the people to be protected from this severe storm which was coming.

Lord Jesus then appeared, looking very sad He said, “I heard you plead for America My child. My Mercy wants to stop this disaster but My justice will not permit Me to.

“My daughter, over and over, I plead for people to change but they ignore and ridicule My prophets, and will not listen and do not change. They are possessed by materialism, greed and sinful pleasures. The city of New York is a big prostitute that offends Me the most, so wicked and evil. I call her Sodom and Gomorrah of old which was destroyed. It is the same here. I want to show the people that My anger and offences are great. I can no longer watch this sinful humanity. They must wake up and change. They must stop offending Me.”

“I their Lord and God have spoken the true and Holy word. Let this warning be to the whole world.”

Later, when I was praying to the Divine Mercy at 9.45pm the Angel appeared.

“I come to tell you that this storm which will hit America will be a mega storm and there will be big destruction.”

“You see the Lord today, how sad He was. He permitted this disaster to come and they will only increase all over the world. People must stop offending God. He is in charge of all creation. A very Holy one. He must be respected and honoured by all humanity.” I said to the Angel when He greeted me, “What are you doing here. I thought you would be in America protecting people.”

(I had recognised Him from previous experiences when he had warned me of danger to come. He is a guardian Angel to protect large areas).

The Angel answered, “Not this time. I am obedient to My Lord. Whatever He commands me I obey. People of this world must learn to do the same.”

Thankyou, my Lord Jesus, for all that you permit to happen. Your way is always the right way.

Have mercy on us.