2nd November, 2006


I finished my prayers in the evening and settled down for the night, thinking I would have a peaceful night. Instead, it was a nightmare!

In a vision I saw monsters with horrible faces, black and grey, half animal, half human. They threatened me, reaching out at me.

They said, “Do you think we will leave you in peace? We have to destroy you and show you who is more powerful.”

They came closer and closer to me. I was so afraid. I screamed for help from Heaven, invoking St Michael and our Blessed Mother and Jesus, but nothing came. This torment continued until Sam.

Suddenly, Holy Mary appeared. “What a relief,” I said, happy and relieved. “Blessed Mother, is that why you come to rescue me? Did you hear me screaming?”

She smiled, “I came to you, not because you screamed, but I come to explain the vision you had and the torments. My child, I was there all the time with you, otherwise you would not have survived, but you were not meant to see Me.”

Then Blessed Mother showed me in a vision. There was daylight and I saw bare trees and shrubs. From the branches of the tree there were hanging two metre long brown snakes by the tails. They looked withered and dead. The trees were covered with them. Around the trees were these foul, ugly, ferocious monsters, all grey and black with long sharp teeth.

Holy Mary said, “You see ,My child, this is how it is in reality in the world today. If you, My children, could see them, you would die from fear. This is the spiritual battle. This is why I keep asking you to pray to protect yourselves.”

I was overwhelmed by that which Holy Mary had shown me. I said, “Blessed Mother, it was worth it, all the suffering I had just experienced, even what You had just shown me, if that would help.”

Mary said, “My child, you had a great suffering, but not for this which I have just shown you. Oh, no, My child! It is God’s will they are like that. You had suffering for souls who were released from Purgatory this day.”

Before giving me Her Blessing, Mary said, “Fear not, for I am always with you. Remember you don’t belong to those monsters. You belong to God.”

Oh Jesus, grant eternal rest to all Holy Souls in Purgatory, and protect us from all evil.
Holy St. Michael, Archangel, please pray for us.