3 January 2022

Our Lord Explains Why He said No to St Padre Pio

While I was praying, our Lord appeared and said, “Valentina, remember when Padre Pio and I discussed the world? I want to explain why I said no to his plea. I can change the world, and I can stop the virus instantly. But do you know people would not be grateful to Me nor would they say ‘Oh, this is a miracle.’ They would believe the needle helped them because they believe in injections; they would believe the injections took away the sickness. So they would never acknowledge Me as their God, and that is why I permit the sickness to continue until people wake up and turn to Me.”

“It is not that I do not want to heal humanity from all this terrible disease, but the people would not recognise Me, that I healed the world. They would continue to believe in the needle and continue to live in sin. They have to acknowledge that it is a miracle and the only way is to turn to Me; then I will heal the world.”

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.