3 March 2022

Crying Souls from Ukraine

I suffered severe pain through the night, and I couldn’t sleep, and then I heard noises, and I saw the souls coming into my room, also, outside of my bedroom, beneath my window, I could hear such loud cries and lamenting. I could hear the cries of children, women and men. They spoke in what sounded like the Russian language. It was so horrible. I tried to dismiss the sounds, so I got up out of bed and sprinkled the window with Holy Water, but still, they were there.

Then our Lord spoke to me. He said, “Offer Me all that has happened now in Ukraine, the blood that has been spilt there, the sacrifice of their own lives for their land. I will accept the souls that you offer to me.”

I offered the souls to our Lord at Holy Mass. He then said, “Place all that is going on in Ukraine and with Russia and offer Me all the people who suffer there and who will continue to suffer by spilling their blood. This war was not necessary because it was the evil men who persisted for it to happen, and the innocent people had to suffer.”

“Pray, pray, pray so that peace will come to their land; otherwise, this war can spread further on, and this is very dangerous. Tell My children to offer some kind of sacrifices and prayers because the world is not certain; you are living in very confusing and dangerous times. What has now happened in Ukraine and Russia could affect every country in the world.” 

“Offer them at the foot of My Holy Altar, all the people that suffer and those that have died so that I can accept them. Continue to pray for them because prayer is very essential.”