3 March 2023

Blessed Mother Seeks Consolation from Prayer Groups for her Son Jesus

Today, as our Prayer Group was praying the Cenacle Rosary, Blessed Mother appeared to me and said, “My children, I will take you all in the spirit, under the Holy Cross of my Son Jesus, to see how He suffered during His Crucifixion.”

“Let us console Him and tell Him how much we love Him because the world denies Him and rejects Him.”

In the vision, I saw how the whole Prayer Group was transported in spirit to our Lord’s Calvary, beneath His Holy Cross with our Blessed Mother, dressed all white, kneeling with us. Our Lord Jesus was alive on the Cross as we prayed the Holy Rosary, and meditated on His suffering and prayed for others.

Blessed Mother looks for consolation from prayer groups, meditating on the suffering of her Son, especially now for Lent.

Lord, have mercy on the whole world.