30 January 2022

I Am Offended by People Receiving Me in Holy Communion Unrepentant

Today at Holy Mass, during the Consecration, our Lord said, “Valentina, tell people that I Am offended by Communion in the hand, but most of all I Am offended because people, in general, receive Me without repentance.”

“Just imagine this tiny little Holy Body of Mine coming into the darkest place in your soul, and that is so painful for Me. Please talk to priests and tell them to speak more in the church about repentance.”

He said, “Look at people. Do they go to Confession? Here and there, one goes, and the others think they don’t need to confess. Confession is very important because you remove all the guilt you carry due to all the wrong things you have done, your anger and all kinds of sins you have committed.”

“That is why you are so surprised when you see so many souls in Purgatory, because they did not believe in Confession and repentance, so now they have to undergo purification and spend a long time there. I cannot take them to Heaven unless they are purified.”

“Valentina, go and console My Mother; she is very offended. She tries very, very hard to bring her children to God, but not many listen. Speak My true Holy Word to people and tell them to come back to Me to repent because the times are coming for events to happen, and they are very, very close. They are already happening.”

“People ask you when the Coronavirus will be over? They think they will then be free. No, My children, you will never be free because they are constantly planning other things, and other things are to unfold, and it will take a long, long time before things will get better in the world. The devil is very cunning, and he is planning evil all the time to harm people.”

“Tell people to be strong and to love Me. I Am their God and Saviour and their Safe Refuge,” He said.

Today, our Lord and Blessed Mother were both very serious and sad. Blessed Mother is worried for her children because they do not listen to her; that is why she is so sorrowful.

Lord, have mercy on us all.