30 October 2021

Offer Up Prayers and Suffering for the Holy Souls

During the prayer gathering at a friend’s home, our Lord Jesus said, “Now that November is here and you are coming closer to Christmas, you should prepare for Christmas, as you know many of My children want to go to Heaven.”

Our Lord was reminding me that the time from November and leading up to Christmas is another time of suffering that I must endure for the Holy Souls, as they are so eager to get to Heaven. Many souls go to Heaven not only during the month of November but also for Christmas.

During the night I had a lot of suffering for the Holy Souls and slept very little. I said, “Lord, my eyes are a little sore as I didn’t sleep very much. With my leg in so much pain, I could not have the strength to be here today to talk to these people and be among them; it is only the power which comes from You which helps me and gives me strength.”

Our Lord is asking us to offer our prayers and suffering for the Holy Souls during this time.

Lord have mercy on the Holy Souls.