30th December

This morning while praying, I offered to the Lord, saying, let it be Your will but not mine.

Lord Jesus answered, “Valentina, peace be with you. Try to be peaceful at all times, and tell people to be peaceful too. I know it is not easy to deal with everyday life because there is so much evil around you and the news is not good, the devil confuses all the nations, he puts fear in everyone’s mind. That is his plan to control you all and to control your mind. This war that will soon start is also a lot of natural disaster that will occur. That is another sign to open the road to Matrea (the false God who will use My name to give false peace and empty promises). My child, I will permit all this to come because humanity rejects GOD. They deny Him, the real GOD, The Father who loves you all so much. They except the false God of the world. How sad I am to see all this. My Sacred Heart grieves and bleeds daily and I am offended in so many ways.

But My child, still I feel sorry for all of you, hopeless and defenceless children. You remain in the darkness of sin but My Sacred Heart and fatherly tender feelings will not abandon you. When everything seems lost, I will strongly intercede for you in the most powerful spirit. I will give you a conscience vision of your life and show you that I exist. I the GOD and Creator of all that is all in Me and from Me. Out of My love I will do all this to give humanity another chance to come back to the real Father of Love, who will never stop loving you.

Pray, My children, have hope in Me. I and My beloved Mother Mary, most Holy will protect you. We love you so much, TRUST, Trust daily in Us.”

Our Lord was in tears when He was speaking these Holy Words. I too, was crying to see our Lord so much offended and rejected by humanity.

Then He continued, “Tell My children I am always with those who obey My word and listen”. He then said, “As for you, My child of My Sacred Heart, console Me and spread My word among all My children. Be at peace and give hope to people. I love you and bless you. Be at peace.”

I replied, “Thank you my Lord Jesus, have mercy on us all”.