31 October 2020

Mary is truly Present in Heaven, in both Body and Soul

This message I received on the 11 October 2020. This morning, while I was praying, the angel appeared and said, “I am the angel of the Lord. He sent me to tell you that you must obey me and come with me.”

Suddenly we found ourselves in Heaven, in an open space, a beautiful, peaceful garden. We were surrounded by many angels. Blessed Mother was present, together with some other saints.

Blessed Mother was smiling and was so beautiful, dressed in a flowing white garment with subtle tones of pink and blue. Her hair was flowing beautifully. She said, “My daughter, do you believe that I have come to Heaven with my body and soul?”

I replied, “Blessed Mother, we were always taught about this. We learnt in scripture and in Church that you were assumed into Heaven, body and soul.”

She then came up close to me, gently pulled up the sleeve of her garment, and holding out her wrist she said to me, “Touch me! Touch me!”

At first, I hesitated because she is so holy, but she insisted I touch the skin on her wrist. She said, “My daughter, I really want you to touch me. You will see that I am human just like you, and I really have flesh in Heaven.”

So, with my index finger, a little shyly, I proceeded to touch her flesh. I said, “Oh, sorry Blessed Mother, I never doubted, I always believed you are real.” As I touched her flesh, I felt so happy and joyful.

Blessed Mother said, “For many people on earth I am only a spirit to them. But I want to tell my children that I am truly present in Heaven with my Son Jesus, in body and soul and spirit and I am alive like my Son is alive. You, too children will receive your body again, but not now, it will be at the end of time when there will be the Universal Judgement.”

We had a long conversation with Blessed Mother, the Saints, and the angels. Blessed Mother said, “My daughter, the reason you are here today is because my Son Jesus has entrusted to you many angels. They will be around you to protect you, to guide you and instruct you for the things to come. So, they will be around you more and more.”

All the angels were eagerly waiting to talk to me. They were all very happy and cheerful, all glowing from holiness, some were even lightly joking with me. One of the angels said to me, “You have to let people know that our Lord’s Coming is ever so close. Blessed are those who believe in Blessed Mother and Jesus and they wear their banners, because they belong to Them. But I tell you, the days are coming when all the famous people in the world will wish that they belonged to Jesus and Mary! They are going to fight for it.”

In a vision I could see many famous people, leaders of the world and people in high positions, leaving their offices, running and screaming in the streets, running with their arms in the air, begging other people to help them and to lead them to Jesus and Mary. I saw people working in government with Presidents who were also screaming and crying.

The angel instructed me and said, “Tell people to be ready and to repent of their sins. The coming of our Lord Jesus is ever so near. Tell people to pray and to convert, to repent and to go to confession and for them to tell other people to do the same.”

In the chaos that I saw in the vision, all the people were running and screaming in panic, they were not concerned about what was happening in the White House or other Parliaments in the world. They were only interested in saving their souls and saying, “I want to go Jesus and Mary!”

The angel said, “People! Do not despair and be upset when things go wrong in your life. Be courageous and thankful that you belong to Jesus and Mary.”

Thank you, Blessed Mother and Lord Jesus.