3rd December, 2004

Jesus appeared very sad and lamenting, today, ‘My daughter, speak in general to everyone of My broken heart. Tell everyone to stop and think how much the world causes grief to My Sacred Heart. So sinful is the world, dark like a night that never changes to day. Darkness that stains your souls, pride, greed, lust, committing adultery, abortion, killing innocent lives. Producing weapons to kill, wars and more wars. Where will all this end … self destruction?’

“How long will I, your God, beg you to change? My word and My law are ignored completely.”

“My sons, Priests chosen and Bishops should speak firmly of My law to people, but they are worried that they will offend them. Even in Holy Communion I am sacrileged. If only they would understand how sacred is My body. No one should touch Me with their hands but receive Me on their tongue with gratitude and self pity, knowing that you are all sinners.”

“Valentina, My child, can I count on you to help Me? Please warn people to change, at least not to offend Me in My church.”

“Console Me and pray to My Divine Mercy. Think how much I suffered to redeem you all. Fear not what they will say but say, ‘My Lord wants me to repeat over and over again the same words.’”

“No one can harm you, I am with you always.”

Please take note of Jesus’ messages. Console His Sacred Heart and pray to the Divine Mercy for others.