3rd July 2009

Our Blessed Mother and our Lord keep asking for a lot of prayers and sacrifices to atone for the sins of the world. As the world is so sinful and in so much turmoil.

Our Blessed Mother appeared with a very thick tear of blood and said, “My daughter you do not know how painful this is for my children, who are on the wide road which is leading them to the abyss of no return. Especially the young people because there is no one to teach them and to tell them to change and convert. The world’s so called fun is leading them away from My Son. That is why I need your constant prayers. Do not be lax in prayer help us to help them and console your Heavenly Mother who grieves so much for Her lost children.”

I replied, “Blessed Mother You stood under the cross of your Son you grieved to see Jesus in so much suffering, please have mercy on us especially our young and ask, Your Son Jesus to have mercy on the whole world.”