3rd March

Lord Jesus said, “Come to Me, my child, and unite your prayers to Me and all that you do. There is so much to tell you. Things in the world are worsening day by day as you come close to happening events.” He smiled and continued, “There is very short time for all of you here on earth.”

I asked Him, “You mean that we will all die?”

Our Lord Jesus smiled and answered, “Considering what you have just asked Me, you do have a very short time in your life, even if you live to be 100, that is short, compared to Eternity. No, my child, you won’t die, not yet, but what I want all My children to understand is to prepare spiritually. Make your faith grow stronger, for there are many trials to go through and suffering ahead of you. Pray more. Pray that you will be able to endure and overcome all these trials. This is the hard test I give you for your faith. Never lose your courage but stay close, united to Me and My Beloved and Holy Mother. We will protect you and help you. I love you all. My children, Go in Peace.”