3rd SEPTEMBER, 2006

I have been attacked by the evil spirit lately, especially at night time. I called to the Blessed Mother and St Michael to protect me.

Holy Mary came to my aid and told me to pray, “Go from one prayer to another. Don’t allow or leave any empty space between so he won’t have a chance to come and torment you.”

So I did what r was told, and it worked beautifully. I thanked the Holy Mother of God so much and felt very peaceful.
She told me, “People give too much space and time to the devil. That is why he controls everyone in the world, and causes lots of unhappiness in the family. People must go back to the old ways and pray the Holy Rosary. This is the most powerful prayer which the devil hates.”

The Blessed Mother smiled, blessed me and departed. I felt good after all the fear had left me.

Thankyou, my beautiful Mother, Mary most Holy.

Evil cannot be overcome by evil. Evil can only be overcome by good and prayer.