4 April 2021

Easter Sunday

Our Lord Jesus appeared in my room on Easter morning, in the most brilliant radiant light, fully clothed in a glorious white garment.

Next to our Lord on the ground, on a white napkin, I could see the three nails, lying one next to the other, that came from His Holy Wounds.

Later at the Holy Mass, He appeared very happy and joyful and said, “Valentina, My child rejoice in My Resurrection and be glad for your Lord is truly risen, to bring to all of you a new meaning of Life and Hope.”

He was looking at me, and He said, “But sadly for many, I do not exist at all, as they don’t accept Me. They rather live in the darkness and not in the light. This I call the generation with no hope. In My Passion, I suffer the most for these people who reject Me. Pray for them to return to the Father soon before they are lost completely.”

“I also want to remind you that you should praise Me for giving you a Special Grace to celebrate this Easter in the churches, and also praise Me and thank Me for the very beautiful weather you have, compared to last year, when you were not able to enter the churches.”

“This is My Special Gift to My people who love Me.”

Smiling, He said, “This is the day that I, your Lord, have made. Rejoice and be glad. Praise Me and love Me and pray for the non-believers.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for all your special graces that you give us, and we love You.