4 August 2023

God the Father is Really Tired of Humanity

During my morning prayers, the Angel of the Lord came. He said, “I was sent to you to take you to God the Father. He wants to see you.”

I said, “Just as well; I want to confess to God the Father since it is the First Friday.”

The angel did not respond but just smiled.

We found ourselves in a Heavenly Garden, and after walking a little distance, we came upon beautiful light blue doors. The doors automatically opened. The angel said, “You go in, and I will wait for you.”

Immediately upon entry, I kneeled, seeing God the Father sitting in the centre of a dark brown sofa which was shaped like an arc. He was dressed in Kingly royal robes, made of very thick material, of a deep red wine and purple colour with intricate all-gold embroidery. To the left and right of God the Father sat the most beautiful little angels chatting to Him and consoling Him.

He said, “My daughter, I sent for you so that you can console Me. You know, My daughter Valentina, I Am so tired of humanity. Really tired!” He leaned to His right as He was saying this to me. “They don’t take any notice of Me or obey Me. The more I try to tell them, the worse they get. I Am really tired of all humanity!” Again He leaned over, and I tried to console Him by tapping on His Arm. As I did so, I was surprised to feel how thin His arm was.

I said, “Father, You can’t give up. Think how much Heaven loves You and praises You, and we love You, Your children on earth.”

Kneeling in front of God the Father, I gently kept touching His Arm, trying to cheer Him up so He would not be upset.

I said, “Father, I thought You would confess me.”

He ignored my comment and said, “I sent for you to come here to console Me, not to confess you.” I thought to myself, ‘It looks like I was not that bad’.

Then I just listened to our Father while He lamented to me. I felt so sad for Him, for our King and Creator. At the same time, I was so upset with the people of the world that they do so much wrong and do not acknowledge how much they offend God.

But one thing that made me happy was that these beautiful little angels surrounded God the Father and were so close to Him, cheering Him up. They were chatting to Him, and He listened to them.

God the Father, have mercy on all humanity. I pray people will change.