4 February 2024

Souls Enter the Church During Holy Mass

During today’s Holy Mass, just as the distribution of Holy Communion was almost finished, I was kneeling in my pew and thanking our Lord for receiving Him when suddenly, to my amazement, a large group of people came into the Cathedral from the Chapel.

These were Holy Souls, and there were so many of them. Enveloped in darkness, they were walking directly towards the Altar. It was an eerie sight because of the darkness they brought with them. There were men and women.

I was so shocked and thought, ‘What is this? Who are these people? Where did they come from?’

As I thought this, many voices spoke in unison, saying, “We are so many. We are like sand in the sea. You cannot even count us. We are totally rejected, and nobody remembers us. We have been walking in procession, from one part to another, for a long, long time, and nobody can help us.”

“Lady, we come to this church—please help us. We are tired of begging. Please don’t reject us. Offer us to the Light and ask God to be merciful to us,” they said.

At that moment, I offered them to our Lord. I said, “Lord Jesus, I surrender these souls to You, and please be merciful to them and take care of them.”

I prayed the Our Father and Hail Mary quite a few times for them.

After that, they just disappeared.