4th December 2012

Today while praying the Rosary the Angel of God appeared.

He said, “I come to tell you that another disaster for New York, America will occur soon. We told you in the previous message about the hurricane which has hit New York with enormous destruction.”

“People have not changed or asked God for His mercy. They continue with their veil sin. Give people waring.”

“This time they will receive a severe snow storm. So much snow, up to six metres and a freezing temperature.”

“Many will die in this storm.”

“I tell you this was prophesied a long time ago and now it will happen.”

“This disaster is part of the purification. It will happen all over the world.”

“Warn the people of this disaster and tell them the Lord of Hosts is very offended and sad. He has to purify the world as He can no longer watch all the evil doing and bad behaviour.”

“Tell them to change and pray.”

I said, “Only bad news. I am so sorry for the people of New York.”

He showed me a vision, the snow covered everything in a white blanket. I saw inside the buildings many people distressed and crying, trying to dig their way out. I also saw people frozen.