5 February 2021

Meeting Souls who sacrificed their lives for others


Today, the angel guided me to see some souls in Purgatory. I could see them coming in a big group, ordinary people, but there were a lot of men, and they were asking me to help them.


After they passed by, another group of souls came along. This group of souls was huge, easily a couple of hundred of them. They were all dressed in police uniforms; they were all wearing blue shirts with police hats. There was something like a fence surrounding them.


They said, “Valentina, we are the police who sacrificed our lives for the public, for the people. Now that we are here, nobody helps us and prays for us. Can you please intercede for us so that we can go on and continue to go on?”


I do not know whether they were all Christians or Catholics, but they were begging me to help them. I have never seen so many police. At first, I thought they were alive, but then I saw they were closely packed together. They lamented that nobody helps them and that they sacrificed their lives for people.


I then encountered another group of souls. These were aviation people, captains and crews of aeroplanes. They also told me how they sacrificed their lives. They had to transport people overseas and take them everywhere.


They said, “We risked our lives.”


These were all different groups of souls, but a lot of them were men. What they had in common is that they all worked in service to the public.  They deserve to be remembered by people here on earth. Even in churches, people do not remember to pray for them. That is why they are all waiting for our prayers and sacrifices.


Lord have mercy on their souls.