5 January 2018

Most Precious Flower from Heaven


In the morning while I was praying the Angelus, our Blessed Mother appeared. She came with St Joseph and Baby Jesus as the Holy Family. Baby Jesus was sitting on Blessed Mother’s lap. He looked about six to seven months old. He had beautiful curly hair and in front of Him was the most beautiful pink rose.


Blessed Mother said, “My Baby Son is the Heavenly Flower Who has come down from Heaven for you my children, for He loves you so much. He is the most precious and the most beautiful flower. If you look closely into centre of the rose you will see His image.” Our Blessed Mother was smiling and was so joyous when she was telling me all this.


Suddenly the flower opened into full bloom and there, in the centre of the flower, I saw the most beautiful image of Baby Jesus.


Blessed Mother then said, “There is no other flower like it, neither on earth nor in Heaven. You must remember that He is the Creator. So honour Him and praise Him my children. He is worthy of all praises and love Him. He loves you unconditionally.”


I said, “All glory and praise to You my Lord Jesus. How beautiful You are. Have mercy on us sinners.”