5 November 2020

The Laundry and The White Boots

During the whole night, I was in a lot of pain. It was unbearable. It was five o’clock in the morning when the angel came and took me to Purgatory.

The angel said, “You have to finish this work. To complete your suffering, you have to come with me to the laundry.”

We entered a huge building. Inside it looked like a big commercial laundry with clothes piled up everywhere.

The angel said, “To complete your work, your suffering, you must wash all these clothes.”

As I took a closer look, I noticed that there were all kinds of pieces of clothing, but mainly ladies’ coats. I could also see cushions, with ruffled trimmings, all in a pale pink colour.

I started to wash the garments using a sponge to remove any stains and marks. These stains and marks represent people’s sins. Once I completed the washing and cleaning, I took the garments and walked out through a door, which lead me outside of the building. As I stepped outside, I found myself in the most beautiful, lush green park with many trees. It was all alive. I understood I was in a Heavenly Garden. I could not see any souls there.

The angel accompanied me outside and said, “You have to hang up the clothes to dry.” I saw a clothesline there and did as I was instructed.

I repeated this task quite a few times until the clothesline was so full that I said to the angel, “There is no more room. What am I going to do with all these clothes?” I was thinking of the piles of clothes remaining in the laundry.

He answered, “You have to take these off the line and neatly fold them.”

At that moment, I turned around and noticed four beautiful, saintly ladies, dressed all in white, walking towards me, smiling. They said, “Valentina, we come to help you to take the clothes off the line and to fold them.”

I thought to myself, ‘Where are we going to put them?’

As I thought this, out of nowhere, appeared a beautiful bench, right in front of us. The saintly ladies collected the clothes off the line and proceeded to fold each item ever so neatly and beautifully just like professionals. They then placed them on the bench, one on top of the other. Once they finished folding the clothes, they left.

The angel said, “You have to take all the cleaned clothes back and place them in a clean section of the building.”

I took a large pile of the cleaned clothing, and the angel showed me where to put them. I did this twice. I then went back to the Heavenly Garden, to pick up the third pile of clothing.

As I did so, God the Father practically ran towards me and asked, “Who helped you to take all the clothes off the line?” He looked up at the line and saw that it was empty.

I answered, “Some very nice ladies came to help me, and they folded all the clothing very nicely.”

God the Father said, “That’s good! But now you have to show how much of a good job you have done with the clothes, if the clothes are clean.”

He said, “Show Me!”

I picked quite a few coats, lifted them up to show Him how clean they were.

God the Father said, “It looks alright.”

When I lifted some of the coats, I noticed that the sleeves were almost hanging off as the seams had come undone.

I said, “Some of the sleeves have to be sewn back on, and some of the clothes need a bit of ironing.”

He said, “It is most important that they are clean.”

I offered to sew the sleeves back on, and said to God the Father, “Father, I will mend these.”

He said, “No, not now. Next time!”

I lifted another coat, completely different from all the others. It was of a purple colour with a deep bluish collar, made of what looked like a polyester-plastic. It was quite badly crushed. I said to the Father, “Father, I can iron this!”

He said, “No, no, don’t do that! That will melt. Just leave it.”

During this experience, I did not know what the significance of this coat was. However, it was later, after this experience when I was thinking about this particular coat, in my heart, I heard God the Father speak.

He said. “She was very disturbed while she was living on earth. She did not care much about her life. That is why her coat is all creased and mangled up. The deep-blue and purple colours represent sadness and depression. You see how I tell you and teach you what all this represents and what it means. I see things completely differently, and I judge differently.”

God the Father told me how this particular woman abused her life and did not care much for it. Her life was disturbed. It is sad when a person loses their will to live. Life is precious. God the Father, He will iron her crushed and mangled coat with His love and His Mercy. Only He knows how to smooth her crushed coat. He knows how to forgive her and love her and embrace her and heal her. Before she can enter Heaven, He will do all of that, especially for her.

We moved on. I showed God the Father, some more coats. As I was moving them, some of them tumbled onto the ground. I said, “Sorry, Father, I can clean them again.”

He said, “No, no, there is no need. There is no dirt or dust on the ground. This is Heaven, and there is no sin in Heaven for it to get dirty.”

All of a sudden, another beautiful heavenly lady, with blonde hair, came towards God the Father and myself. She approached with open arms and embraced me, very lovingly hugging me. She was taller than me.

She said, “Oh Valentina, it is so nice to see you. It has been a long time since we have seen each other.”

The lady looked very familiar. I am sure we had met before, but I did not know her name. She did not reveal it to me. Many times, when I meet people from Heaven, they reveal their names to me.

We were both standing there with God the Father.

God the Father said, “Now, leave all the clothing behind. You two ladies come with Me. I need you to do something for Me.” We all then walked together a little distance, leaving the washed clothing behind.

We went with God the Father to the middle of the Garden, where there was an open container with a lot of things in it.

We looked through the container, and the first thing we noticed was a beautiful pair of white boots.

The saintly lady said, “Oh, I like them! Father, is it possible that we take them and give them to somebody?”

God the Father answered in a stern voice, “No! You can’t give them to anyone, and you can’t take them! Leave them!”

I nudged the saintly lady with my elbow and whispered, “You had the courage to ask Him.”

She just smiled and had to obey the Father.

All of a sudden, a couple of metres to our left I saw a little Toddler in the Garden. He was wearing a little white tunic with a little red jacket. He was crying and complaining. God the Father left us and ran to Him. He bent down and gently placed His Hand on the Shoulder of the Toddler embracing Him and said, “My Son, why are You crying?”

The Toddler answered, “Nobody wants Me, nobody offers Me anything; no lollies, no sweets, nothing! They totally reject Me! They don’t want to know Me!”

God the Father said, “Because they are so selfish and evil.”

Suddenly, I found myself back home.

The whole experience was beyond words. I could not stop thinking about our beautiful Lord Jesus crying and God the Father consoling Him.

Later in the day, I attended Holy Mass. During the Mass, I kept thinking of how to console the little Baby Jesus. This touched me so deeply, more than anything else.

Blessed Mother appeared and said, “See how my Son is rejected in this world. He appeared as a little Baby because He showed that His Love is so tender and so innocent, and He showed that He needs love like a little Baby needs love from the mother. The world does not care. Humanity just wants to carry on godlessly.”

The Boots belong to our Lord Jesus. One day He will come to earth as the Prince of Peace, to purify the world. He is so pure and holy. He is the only One worthy of wearing those Boots, pure and white. That is why God the Father reserved them for Him.

In this message, the laundry is the last step for those souls in Purgatory, to be completely purified; to be cleansed from any remaining stains of sin, so that they can come to Heaven completely pure and spotless. Only God the Father, through His love and Mercy, knows what each soul needs.

We, here on earth, can help the Holy Souls, especially during the month of November, through our daily prayers, offerings of holy masses, sacrifices and works of charity.

Thank you, God the Father, for revealing this to us.