5 November 2022

Holy Souls Give a Serious Warning to the World

I was walking through Purgatory with three angels. All three wore uniforms; navy blue pants and a shirt with a little aqua-blue trim around their collars. They looked very smart and beautiful, quite distinguished from the holy souls, who were very poorly dressed.

The angels were all very friendly and smiling and they tried to cheer up the souls to give them encouragement to go through their penance.

As we approached some groups of souls, they called out to me. They came closer and said, “Why do people on earth live so carefree? They just want entertainment and to live a good life, have plenty of money and material goods.”

“If they only knew how harmful this will be for them in the afterlife. Many are stealing and cheating and doing all kinds of ugly things and they cheat the poor people.”

“All we know from the knowledge that has been given to us is that the world will be punished severely. We tremble for you, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, worse than any other punishment that happened previously in the world.”

The souls are very happy when the angel visits them. They call the angels guards. They would say, “Guards! Come, Come!”

The angels always give them hope and encourage them to be patient and to persevere in their suffering.

Holy Souls, please pray for us.

Thank you, Lord Jesus and Holy Angels.