5th JANUARY, 2006

A vision came to me during morning prayer. All through the Christmas period from December into January a vision stayed with me of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Holy Mary, St Joseph with the Baby Jesus surrounded by many Angels.

And so it was on this day, but a huge dome appeared over the Holy Family and Angels, who were moving around. Then they smiled looking at me and suddenly the whole scene moved away, sideways.

Another vision came. I could see blue sky, which was huge. On the base, was the globe of the earth. On each side, from the top to the bottom were two brilliant shafts of light in a burnished copper gold colour, made into an intricate design. I gasped, for all this was enormous.

Very high up, in the centre, the Eternal Father was seated on a throne of the same burnished copper-gold colour. Around His Holy shoulders and head, radiating in steams of golden light like the rising sun, were sentences in the Latin language. The words glimmered in gold. I could understand only the word “Deus”. The Eternal Father had a very serious face.

When I turned to my right below the vision of the Eternal Father was another throne on which Our Lord Jesus was seated. Next to Jesus in the space between Him and the Eternal Father was Mary Most Holy, dressed entirely in white. She was kneeling and bending low, with Her hands together in prayer.

As I kept looking from one to the other of the Divine persons before me, I started to experience a Holy fear, realising that we all should have this Holy fear towards God. I could feel His mighty power, knowing that we are nothing before God.

Shortly after the vision had gone, Our Lord Jesus appeared. He said, “My child, not many people receive this grace, showing you what I have shown you today. Thank Me for this grace.”

“I show you My throne and judgement seat which no one can escape. This will soon be given to the world. Everyone will fear My judgement and know that I am the one and no one else.”

“The world needs this judgement now more than ever.”

“The writing which you could not understand is My law, written in Heaven which was given to the world but sadly the world disobeys them. They are written for ever and no one can change them.”

I said, “My Lord and my God, I fear Your judgement, but I trust in Your love and mercy.”

The next day I experienced many problems and troubles and pain. Our Lord appeared to me and said, “My child, don’t complain when I send you trials. To see My throne, you must experience My pain.