6-7 January 2008

Feast of the Epiphany

Our Blessed Mother appeared with the Baby Jesus saying, “My children, Jesus is your only salvation. There is no other salvation.

She put the child down on a hill with a steep incline on the edge of the opposite side I was very concerned. “O, Blessed Mother, perhaps the Baby Jesus will fall down.” She smiled, and walked away and said, “This is for you, My child, to come to His aid.” I came closer, and kneeled down to protect Him.

Little Infant Jesus spoke and taught me this little prayer.

‘My Little Infant Jesus,

show me the way in my life’.

Then He said, “My child, this is not for Me, it is for you to teach you when you are in danger because I love you. When you fall into sin, don’t be discouraged. Come back to Me with repentant heart and I will forgive you. Pray that I will give you strength not to fall again. Over and over you can come to Me and I will forgive you and embrace you.”

Don’t be discouraged, people, Jesus is so understanding and merciful and He will protect you from falling into sin.