6 December 2020

St Michael the Holy Angel with me in Purgatory

This morning I was walking through Purgatory with Holy Michael where there were many souls. I was asked to carry some quite heavy objects, from one part of Purgatory, where it was darker, and move them into a building, being another part of Purgatory, where it was much lighter. Holy Michael was directing me and showing me where to take these objects. I had to repeat this action several times.

He said, “These souls have been captive here for a very long time. Now is the time that they are to be released, and you are the only one who can help them.”

As we were walking back and forth, Holy Michael showed me each of the objects I had to move from the darker place to one that is a step lighter, but still not Heaven. He followed me so closely; he was so near that he was touching me. Feeling a little embarrassed as the holy souls here were all watching us, I said to him, “Stop touching me and stop following me everywhere! What are these people going to say? They will think we are lovers!”

He replied, “Well we are, we are always united with one another. You should be happy that I am protecting you. What are you without me?”

“That’s true,” I said, “I never thought of it that way.”

The carrying of the heavy objects represents the carrying of the heavy burdens of the Holy Souls, meaning that these souls were now progressing to the next level, a higher level in Purgatory.

After we finished moving all the heavy objects, we proceeded to walk out of the building, and as we did, some of the souls came up to us and said to me, “Valentina, thank you for your prayers and for helping us.”

Lord Jesus, thank you for being merciful to the Holy Souls.