6 November 2021

There will be No More Petrol on Earth

This morning while I was praying, two angels came and took me to Purgatory. There I was given the task of washing a bundle of clothing, mainly blouses, but there were also some sheets. The washing I do in Purgatory helps the suffering souls.

When I finished the washing, one of the angels said to me, “Come with me; you have to witness something.”

I accompanied the two angels to a building. We entered, and inside there were more angels. I could see they were very busy writing up notes on a paper board, and I understood the written notes were being dictated to them by our Lord. Once they finished writing, they departed.

The angels and I were standing there, and I thought to myself, ‘I wonder what they are writing.’

The angel next to me said, “They are writing a very important message.”

The two angels writing on the board returned a second time to write the same message again. The angel next to me explained, “That confirms the message being written.”

“What is the message about?” I asked.

The angel answered, “Soon, on earth, there will be no more petrol.”

“What! How could that happen? People live long distances; they need cars to travel.” I said.

The angel repeated, “There will be no more petrol on earth, so people will not be able to travel by car.”

“But when will this happen?” I asked.

The angel replied, “It is coming, not right away, but it is coming.”

The angels did not explain to me how this would come about.

The two angels and I then left this place and entered a garden. As we went through this garden, I could see another angel seated there. I had a little piece of rolled-up paper in my hand, which I light-heartedly threw at this angel. He jumped up as I did so. I knew this angel from before. He was very tall and beautiful.

I said to this angel, “Did you hear what is going to happen on earth? They wrote down that there will be no more petrol on earth.”

He answered, “Well, what can I tell you? Tell people on earth to pray and to go to church. That is the only solution for everything. Tell people to return to church.”

The angel then walked away. The angel spoke in a serious tone.

I then conversed with the two angels I came with, and they confirmed, “Yes, yes, it is severe. This will envelop the whole earth. Go to church and pray and spread the Holy Word of our Lord.”