6 September 2017

In the past few days, Blessed Mother kept appearing to me with the Infant Jesus. He was crying, He was so unhappy.


Blessed Mother said to me, “I bring you my Son for you to see how sad and unhappy He is when He sees the bad behaviour in the world today. No matter what I try I cannot console Him. Try to console Him Valentina.”


I could see the Infant Jesus, He was crying and crying. Blessed Mother then gave Him to me to nurse. As I was holding Him I was trying to console Him but nothing could stop the tears. Nothing could make Him happy.


Blessed Mother said, “Maybe you can console Him by speaking to people about Him. Offer my Son to them. Tell them how much He loves them and how much He wishes that people in the world will repent and convert. That will console my Son.”


It was very sad to see God crying. Please people console our Lord. Look up to Heaven and tell Him you love Him. Do not be selfish. Console the Lord who is offended so badly.


Lord have mercy on us.