7 April 2017

Today, I experienced something very unusual. In the morning, I had prepared a large parcel to send to my grandson, and I was quite distressed and worried about how I was going to package it and send it to him so that he receives it on time. At the same time I was worried that if I go to the post office first, I will not make it on time for Holy Mass at 12.30pm and then for the Cenacle Rosary that we have after Mass every Friday.
Carrying the parcel, I walked to the bus stop and caught the first bus to the Parramatta Westfield shopping centre. Upon arrival, I walked towards the escalator, to go down to the Post Office situated on the lower level. As I stepped onto the escalator, all of a sudden, a very tall gentleman stepped onto the escalator together with me and stood right beside me. He came close to me and whispered, “Can I walk with you?”

I was taken by surprise and was thinking to myself, “Well, you can walk with me. No one will stop you.”

As we were travelling down the escalator He again whispered to me, “I hope you have a beautiful day today.” He then repeated, “I really wish you have a beautiful day.”

The gentleman was repeatedly wishing that I have a beautiful day. I became a little uncomfortable and embarrassed from the many compliments.

As we were about half-way down the escalator, I could see many people in the Food Court below.

I then redirected the conversation to the people sitting and eating in the Food Court.

I said, “Look at how many people are down there.”

I was thinking, ‘all that is on their minds is food and enjoyment.’ I was quietly judging them.

To my surprise, the kind gentleman, most politely and in a loving and gentle voice said, “Yes, the people are enjoying themselves.”

I sensed that He was happy to see them enjoying themselves. I felt in my heart that a blessing had come upon them from this gentleman.

As we came to the last step of the escalator He once again said, “Have a beautiful day.”

I responded, “And you too, and may God bless you.”

“And you too.” He said.

The beautiful tall gentleman was dressed in normal trousers and a shirt. His hair was grey and he had beautiful blue eyes, full of compassion.

As he walked away I said, “Lord, what is wrong with these old men and all their compliments. The older they get the sillier they become.”

But then I thought, ‘There is something unusual about this gentleman. Wait a minute! I will watch him to see which way he is going to go.’ For a minute he turned towards the Post Office, but did not go in.

He was much taller than the other people walking around, so I expected to be able to see him. As I looked again, he was gone. He simply vanished.

I finally got to the Post Office. Surprisingly, I was the first in line. Usually there is a long queue of people. The post office staff kindly helped me pack the parcel in a box for sending to my grandson. It was all done very quickly.

I was on time for Holy Mass. Everything went very smoothly.

From the moment I met the gentleman on the escalator, my spirits were lifted. I felt such a peace and joy. All the worry and anxiety was gone. I had a relaxing afternoon.

Later that evening, during my thanksgiving prayers, I said, “Lord Jesus, thank you for the day that I had.”

Then Lord Jesus appeared and said, “I had to come down to you Myself today, to calm you down, and to guarantee that everything would be alright, and to give you peace. You were worrying for twenty four hours non-stop, about how you were going to get everything done. By repeatedly wishing you a beautiful day I was hinting to you that it was I, your Lord Jesus, but you were not aware that it was Me. Now, do you believe Me, that I am with you, with every step that you take? Nothing is done without Me!”

Whilst travelling down the escalator earlier today I felt such a peace overcoming me. I felt all the peace, love and joy that was coming from Him was filling me.

I want to tell people how good it is to be united with God. Talk to Him and tell Him about all your troubles and concerns.

He will listen, He will come and console you, and give you peace and joy, and everything will fall into place. Trust in our Lord.