7th January

I received this message after returning home from a prayer meeting:

Lord Jesus said, “Thankyou My child for giving people hope. You console each one so beautifully. This pleases Me and My Beloved Mother very much. You speak of Us so openly and praise us so beautifully.”

The he looked at me smiling and said, “Oh my child, that oneness, you and Me – how intimate we are, how much I love you, more than you know. You know My child, all those people that you met today, they are of great faith and We love them so much I know each one has suffering and pain. The evil one is so strong and powerful over people, he interferes with families. But to overcome all of these trials they much pray. They must have trust in Me. Try more they have faith and trust in me, the quicker I change things. Valentina, don’t be afraid to speak Our true Holy word to people, so that the light will shine on the earth in this darkness you all live in. they are darker than night, the sins of the world. So corrupt is the world, so full of sin, pride and impurity that offends Me so much. Pray Me children, that My glorious return will happen soon. The more you pray and call Me, the quicker I will come and change the world and the hearts of all people. My blessing will pour on all the faithful. The more you give, the more you receive from Me. I love you. Be at peace.”

I responded, “Thankyou my Lord for all the graces and blessings You give us. We love you too. Come Lord Jesus Christ, come, come to your kingdom.”